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Schedule of 2017 sessions

See MIT Campus map for complete building directions

(In the session grid, locations are building-room; for example, 26-100 means building 26, first floor room 100).


9:30a-10:00a    Building 26, Room 100 (Session #0)

  Opening Remarks

    by event organizers


10:00a-5:00p    Stata Student Street (Session #8)

  Ask a Philosopher Booth

    by New England Public Philosophers and MIT Philosophy Students


10:00a-11:00p    Building 56, Room 114 (Session #19)

  Perspectives on the Global Refugee Crisis

    a panel featuring Serena Parekh, Kate Akkaya, and Meredith Blake


10:00a-10:45a    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #34)

  Ending Political Corruption in MA

    by Represent.Us Boston


10:00a-11:30a    Building 56, Room 154 (Session #37)

  Climate Justice and Energy Democracy: An Introduction

    by Fossil Free MIT


10:00a-11:00a    Building 32, Room 144 (Session #55)

  Assembling a Founder's Toolkit: A Workshop on Making Start-Ups LGBTQ-Inclusive

    by Sloan LGBTQI


10:00a-11:00a    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #63)

  The Future of US Healthcare Policy

    by Jonathan Gruber


10:00a-11:30p    Building 66, Room 160 (Session #87)

  Change Starts at Home: Fake Science (and How to Fix It)

    by Piotr Mitros


10:00a-5:00p    Stata Student Street (Session #100)

  Questions of Cultural Curiosity

    organized by MIT Leader to Leader (L2L) Program Alumni/ae


10:00a-10:45a    Building 66, Room 144 (Session #102)

  A Mobile Security Primer for Activists

    by Nathan Freitas and Erhardt Graeff


11:00a-12:00p    Building 66, Room 168 (Session #1)

  March 4th Movement - Lessons For Today

    by Ira Rubenzahl


11:00a-3:00p    Stata Student Street (Session #10)

  Science and Society Carnival

    organized by students of the History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) program


11:00a-12:00p    Building 66, Room 144 (Session #15)

  How to Use Media Cloud for Activism

    by Natalie Gyenes and Anushka Shah


11:00a-12:00p    Building 32, Room 124 (Session #70)

  White Folks Holding One Another Accountable to Dismantle Racism: The Role of White Accountability/'Caucus' Groups

    organized by members of the White Person’s Accountability Group (Ora Gladstone, Libby Mahaffy, and Ryan Kruis)


11:00a-12:00p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #82)

  Cambridge as a Sanctuary City: What it Means for Immigrants in Cambridge

    by Brian Corr / City of Cambridge Peace Commission & Nancy Schlacter / City of Cambridge Commission on Immigrant Rights and Citizenship


11:00a-12:00p    Building 32, Room 123 (Session #93)

  Causes and Consequences of the Rise of Right-Wing Populism

    a panel discussion featuring Daron Acemoglu, Abhijit Banerjee, and Michael Piore


11:00a-1:00p    Stata TSMC Lobby (Session #101)

  Living Laborama

    hosted by the Office of Sustainability


11:15a-12:15p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #69)

  Strategies for Improving the Quality of Jobs

    by Tom Kochan


11:45a-12:30p    Building 56, Room 114 (Session #76)

  Big Data & Discrimination

    by Kate Vredenburgh and Ronni Gura Sadovsky


12:00p-1:00p    Building 26, Room 100 (Session #12)

  Disobedience and its Reward

    by Joi Ito and Ethan Zuckerman


12:00p-1:30p    Building 32, Room 144 (Session #26)

  Literature: Light in Times of Darkness

    organized by Helen Elaine Lee and Ruth Perry and featuring additional speakers


12:00p-2:00p    Building 66, Room 160 (Session #57)

  Training Active Bystanders Workshop

    by Dan Ottenheimer and Marion Magill


12:00p-2:00p    Building 56, Room 162 (Session #59)

  Understanding the Connection Between Oppression and Partner Abuse

    by Genevieve Rodriguez


12:00p-2:00p    Building 46, Room 3002 (Session #60.5)

  Resistance on Film: Rome Open City - followed by Q&A with Ezra Haber Glenn and Giuliana Minghelli

    organized by Ezra Haber Glenn / Department of Urban Studies & Planning


12:00p-1:30p    Building 14E, Room 109, Lewis Music Library (Session #66)

  World Music Hangout: Music Across Borders

    organized by the Lewis Music Library and the International Student Office


12:15p-1:15p    Building 32, Room 124 (Session #14)

  Accountability Without Democracy

    by Lily Tsai


12:15p-1:15p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #36)

  Putting a Price on Carbon in MA

    a panel discussion featuring Jen Benson, Sam Anderson, Emil Dimantchev, and Chris Knittel


12:15p-1:15p    Building 32, Room 123 (Session #92)

  Criminal Justice and Race: Perspectives from Law and Neuroscience

    a panel discussion featuring Rebecca Saxe and Deborah Ramirez


12:30p-1:15p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #29)

  Nuclear Weapons and Survival

    by R. Scott Kemp


12:30p-1:45p    Building 56, Room 154 (Session #64)

  Are the Seeds of Fascism Being Sown in the U.S.?

    by Toni Rossi and Bruce Price


12:45p-1:30p    Building 56, Room 191 (Session #41)

  Recharging for the Activist

    by MIT Radius / Technology and Culture Forum


12:45p-2:45p    Building 66, Room 168 (Session #51)

  Gerrymandering: Mathematics and Fairness in Theory and Practice

    by the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group


1:00p-4:30p    Building 66, Room 144 (Session #13)

  Day of Action Data Rescue

    organized by Civic Data Design Lab + DUSPviz


1:30p-3:00p    Building 32, Room 123 (Session #9)

  Illiberal Democracies

    moderated by Jeffrey S. Ravel


1:30p-4:30p    Building 7, Room 238, Rotch Library Map Space (Session #22)

  Make Change, Make Zines! A Day of Action Zine-Making Space

    organized by Alena McNamara, Rhonda Kauffman, Sofia Leung, and Anna Boutin


1:30p-2:15p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #31)

  The Economics and Politics of Brexit

    by John Van Reenen


1:30p-2:45p    Stata Dreyfoos 9th floor lounge (Session #50)

  Philosophy of Racial Justice

    by Kevin Richardson and Darien Pollock


1:30p-3:30p    Building 56, Room 114 (Session #60.1)

  Resistance on Film: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners - followed by Q&A with Sally Haslanger and Rose Lenehan

    organized by Sally Haslanger


1:30p-2:30p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #74)

  Current Municipal and State Political, Social and Economic Struggles

    a panel discussion moderated by Jonathan King


1:30p-2:30p    Building 32, Room 124 (Session #85)

  MIT Activism in the 80s and 90s: Voices from the Past

    by Debbie Douglas / MIT Museum


2:00p-3:30p    Building 32, Room 144 (Session #23)

  But What Do I Do Instead? A Workshop to Counteract the "Bystander’s Dilemma"

    by Libby Mahaffy


2:00p-3:30p    Building 56, Room 191 (Session #24)

  Multicultural Stories and Activities for Kids


2:00p-3:30p    Building 7, Room 134A, Rotch Library Conf. Room (Session #91)

  Documenting Cultural Heritage as an Act of Resistance

    by Michael Toler


2:00p-5:00p    Broad Institute (Session #103)

  Getting the stats across, from bench to broadcast

    a panel discussion featuring Rebecca Goldin, Emilie Marcus, Trevor Butterworth, Christopher Labos, and Tracey Brown


2:15p-3:45p    Building 66, Room 160 (Session #20)

  Eugenics: A Continuing Legacy?

    by Erica James, Amy Moran-Thomas, and Stefan Helmreich


2:30p-5:00p    Building 46, Room 3002 (Session #60.6)

  Resistance on Film: All the President's Men - followed by Q&A with Ezra Haber Glenn

    organized by Ezra Haber Glenn / Department of Urban Studies & Planning


2:45p-3:45p    Building 32, Room 124 (Session #58)

  Beyond Bathrooms: Bureaucracy and Queer Youth

    by Alex Nally / MA Commission on LGBTQ Youth


3:00p-4:30p    Building 26, Room 100 (Session #11)

  Why March (or Not): Let’s Talk

    a panel discussion featuring John Fernandez, Deborah Fitzgerald, Linda Griffith, and S.P. Kothari moderated by JJ Jackson


3:00p-4:15p    Stata Amphitheater (outside) (Session #44)

  Taking Action Against Climate Change

    by Fossil Free MIT


3:00p-4:00p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #77)

  Promoting Neighborhood Racial Integration: Ideas from the Oak Park Regional Housing Center

    by Rob Breymaier


3:15p-4:45p    Building 56, Room 154 (Session #79)

  Lessons in Nonviolent Resistance from Global Movements

    by Jamila Raqib


3:15p-4:15p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #90)

  Police-Community Relations

    by Robert McKersie


3:30p-4:15p    Building 56, Room 191 (Session #41.5)

  Recharging for the Activist

    by MIT Radius / Technology and Culture Forum


3:45p-5:15p    Building 32, Room 144 (Session #43)

  Securing a Progressive Urban Agenda

    organized by students of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning


4:00p-6:00p    Building 6, Room 120 (Session #18)

  Poetry Across Borders

    organized by Nick Montfort and Ed Barrett


4:00p-5:00p    Building 66, Room 160 (Session #32)

  Citizen Media Resistance

    by Karl Surkan


4:00p-7:00p    Stata Forbes Cafe (Session #48)

  Social Emergency Response Center (SERC)

    sponsored by Social Emergency Responders reporting from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning


4:00p-5:30p    Building 56, Room 114 (Session #60.2)

  Resistance on Film: Left on Pearl - followed by Q&A with film directors

    organized by Sally Haslanger


4:00p-8:00p    Stata Student Street (Session #99)

  Organizing & Civic Engagement Volunteer Fair


4:15p-5:45p    Building 32, Room 124 (Session #71)

  Structural Racism: What White People Can Do (and Know!)

    by Nina Davis-Millis & Emily Neill


4:30p-6:00p    Building 66, Room 168 (Session #17)

  Free Speech / Hate Speech

    by Wendy Salkin and Ronni Gura Sadovsky


4:30p-5:45p    Building 66, Room 144 (Session #61.5)

  Taking Action: Emerging Issues in Sexual and Reproductive Health

    by Shoshanna Ehrlich and Elizabeth Janiak


4:30p-5:30p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #65)

  The Legacy of Inequity in Federal Housing Policy

    by Roberta Rubin


4:45p-5:45p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #30)

  The Challenge for R&D Funding in the Administration's New FY18 Budget

    by William B. Bonvillian


5:00p-9:00p    Stata Amphitheater (outside) (Session #21)

  Multimedia Protest Party

    by Paloma Duong and Ian Condry


5:00p-6:30p    Building 56, Room 154 (Session #54)

  Protest, Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience

    a discussion moderated by Lisa Rivera and Gina Schouten


5:30p-7:00p    Building 9, Room 255 (Session #35)

  Gentrification: Beyond Displacement

    a panel discussion featuring Aatmaja Pandya, Léopold Lambert, Molly Rose Kaufman, Ken Reeves, and Sarita Daftary-Steel organized by DUSP Students of Color Committee


5:30p-6:30p    Building 32, Room 144 (Session #89)

  Impacting Congress Beyond Phone Calls and Emails: Engaging on Policy

    by Daniel Pomeroy


5:45p-6:45p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #29.5)

  Inside the Iran Deal: The Making and Future of a Historic Agreement

    by R. Scott Kemp


5:45p-7:00p    Building 26, Room 100 (Session #98)

  The Responsibility of Intellectuals Today

    a panel discussion featuring Noam Chomsky, Junot Díaz, Saida Grundy, and Naomi Oreskes moderated by Phil Thompson


6:00p-7:00p    Building 66, Room 160 (Session #32.5)

  Trans & Queer Health Care Advocacy: From ACA to HB2

    by Karl Surkan


6:00p-7:30p    Building 56, Room 114 (Session #60.3)

  Resistance on Film: White Like Me - followed by Q&A with Michelle Maiese and Clare Mehta

    organized by Sally Haslanger


6:00p-7:00p    Building 32, Room 155 (Session #80)

  Social Justice in Applied Technology & Service Design

    a panel discussion organized by Jules Rochielle


6:30p-7:30p    Broad Institute (Session #103.5)

  Numbers in the news

    a public discussion with Dr Rebecca Goldin


7:00p-8:30p    Building 56, Room 154 (Session #5)

  Protest Songs: Old and New

    led by Ruth Perry


7:00p-8:30p    Building 32, Room 141 (Session #67)

  The Future of the New Abortion

    by Norma Swenson


7:05p-7:30p    Building 26, Room 100 (Session #0.5)

  Closing Remarks

    by event organizers