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MIT April 18 

Day of Engagement, Day of Action

Call for Participation

We, the undersigned members of MIT and the broader local community, declare our intent to pause our everyday activities on April 18, 2017, and to devote this day to engaging — through learning, discussion, and planning for action — with the political, economic, and social challenges facing us today. Each of us carries our own distinct understanding of what these challenges are and which are most pressing — including: hate crimes and discrimination on the basis of sex, gender and gender identity, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and country of origin; the waning of fact-based debate in our public sphere; declining job opportunities in the workforce; climate change and disparities in access to a healthy environment; the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few; the fragmentation of political discourse; the ever-present possibility of nuclear war; the long-term expansion of executive power in our federal government; our university's own role in reshaping the local, national, and global socioeconomic landscape; and many more. By sharing our individual knowledge and experiences we can better position ourselves to arrive at a common understanding of these challenges and overcome them through collective action.

This day's event is a call to renewed civic engagement among the scholars, students, and staff of our community, inspired by MIT's historic leadership in the March 4 Movement of 1969 (http://science.sciencemag.org/content/163/3872/1175),

and a call to open-minded dialogue with peers and colleagues of diverse backgrounds and views. In this day’s event we stand in solidarity with friends and colleagues of Princeton University, who are holding a similar event on March 6, 2017 (https://dayofaction.princeton.edu), and we act to fulfill MIT’s mission “to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges.”


On April 18 we will be holding a coordinated set of on-campus activities, including lectures, town-hall sessions, film screenings, and workshops. We invite the entire MIT campus and the broader community to join together and participate. Every member of our community, regardless of political affiliation, can contribute to identifying and seeking out the roots of the greatest challenges facing our society, and to planning for actions addressing these challenges in the present day and in times to come. We intend this day of action to be open to all, representing the full diversity of our community. We are made stronger by open, respectful dialogue and the exchange of ideas from the widest variety of intellectual, religious, class, cultural, and political perspectives.


Please sign this letter if you support our concerns, and join us on April 18!

General questions about this call? Please contact: dayofaction@mit.edu


Public signatories to Date

(428 total, last updated 10:55am, 4/8/2017)

Melody Abedinejad, Staff, EAPS

Melanie Abrams, 2017, 7&21W

Nancy Adams, Communications Administrator, MIT D-Lab

Acia Adams-Heath, Senior Staff Accountant / VPF

Christiane Adcock, Undergraduate junior in Course 2

Marc Aidinoff, PhD student, HASTS

Takako Aikawa, Senior Lecturer, Global Studies and Languages

Jonathan Alan King, Professor of Molecular Biology

Dominique Altarejos, Academic Programs Assistant, IMES

Lisa Anderson, Postdoc, Chemical Engineering

Marc-Joseph Antonini, Ph.D Student, Health Sciences & Technology

Sherene Aram, Administrative Officer, Microsystems Technology Laboratories

Isadora Araujo Cruxen, PhD Student, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Athulya Aravind, Graduate Student

Mariana Arcaya, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Arvind Arvind, Professor, EECS

Monika Avello, 5th year Biology Graduate Student

Karen Baird, Staff, Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

Dwaipayan Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Science, Technology & Society

Sheryl Barnes, Staff

Lawrence Barriner II, CoLab Radio Program Director, MIT Community Innovators Lab

Kester Barrow, Area Director/Residential Life Programs and Student Support and Well-being

Emma Batson, Freshman, physics major

Patsy Baudoin, Editor/translator/researcher, MIT Retiree

Patsy Baudoin, Retired from MIT, working independently

Eugenia Beh, MIT Staff

Amanda Bennett, Staff

Tobias Bennett, Evaluation and Grants Coordinator, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Drew Bent, Undergraduate, 2018, Departments of Physics and EECS

Edmund Bertschinger, Institute Community and Equity Officer and Professor of Physics

Dylan Bianchi, Graduate Student, Philosophy

Elizabeth Bianchini, 2018

Elise Bickford, Undergraduate, Philosophy

Isaiah Borne, Political Action Committee Co-Chair of the BSU/2018 and Course 10

Marion Boulicault, Graduate Student, Philosophy

Chris Bourg, Director of Libraries

Sarah Brady, Assistant Dean, School of Science

Deolinda Branch, Staff, DUE Office of Minority Education

Lori Breslow, Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management

Sylvain Bromberger, Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and Philosophy

Patrick Brown, Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Energy Initiative

Lindsay Brownell, MS Science Writing, 2014

Manduhai Buyandelger, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Alex Byrne, Professor and Head, Philosophy

Valerie C.

Jeffrey C. Grossman, Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Daisy Caban, Administrative Assistant, EAPS

Alicia Cabrera-Mino, Mechanical engineering 2017

La-Tarri Canty, Staff

Gabriella Y. Carolini, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Alyssa Cartwright, Undergraduate student, 2017, 6-1

Heather Charron, Staff

Ashawari Chaudhuri, Graduate Student, HASTS

Irina Chernyakova, SM'13 History Theory Criticism of Architecture and Art

Peter Child, Class of 1949 Professor of Music

Elisabeth Choi, Staff

Pavel Chvykov, Graduate student, Physics G4

Robert Citorik, Microbiology PhD Program 2011

Riley Clubb, MBA 2017 Sloan

Alison Coffey, Research Associate, MIT Community Innovators Lab

Samantha Cohen, Graduate Student, Master of City Planning

Justin Colley, Graduate Student, Linguistics

Ian Condry, Professor, Global Studies and Languages

Nancy Cook, Financial Coordinator, CEE

Haley Cope, Undergraduate, Women and Gender Studies

Emma Costa, Undergraduate student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Sasha Costanza-Chock, Associate Professor of Civic Media

Avilash Cramer, 2nd year PhD student, HST

DiOnetta Jones Crayton, DUE/Office of Minority Education

Ellen Crocker, Senior Lecturer, GSL, German

Dayna Cunningham, Executive Director, MIT Community Innovators Lab

Meg Curley, UMass Boston Graduate Student, Accounting

Daniel Curtis, Graduate Student, Nuclear Science and Engineering

Catherine D'Ignazio, MIT Media Lab

Cecilia d'Oliveira, Staff, Office of Digital Learning

Ashton Dacon, Undergraduate

Madhurima Das, Mechanical Engineering, 2018

Nina Davis-Millis, Staff, MIT Libraries

Saffron Deasey, Undergraduate/2020

Anne Deconinck, Executive Director, Koch Institute

Teresa deFigueiredo, Undergraduate, 2017 Materials Science and Engineering

Michel DeGraff, Professor, Linguistics & Philosophy

James Deng, Senior, Chemistry

Sandy Diehl, Graduate student, Harvard University

Mariam Dogar, 2020 Undeclared

Kevin Dorst, PhD student, Philosophy

Pablo Ducru, PhD candidate, Nuclear Science & Engineering.

Katharine Dunn, Librarian, MIT Libraries

Jane Dunphy, Staff

Paloma Duong, Assistant Professor, Global Studies and Languages

Claire Duvallet, PhD Candidate/Biological Engineering

Amah Edoh, Postdoc, Global Studies & Languages

Sara Egan, senior research analyst/OCR

Chika Eke, Grad student, Course 2

Helen Elaine Lee, Professor, CMS/W; Director, Program in Women's & Gender Studies

Sara Ellenbogen, Scholar of Philosophy and Academic Editor

Alonso Espinosa Domênguez, Undergraduate student, Course 18

Daniel Estandian, PhD student, Dept of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Elouise Evee-Jones, Staff, AO, Global Studies and Languages

Robert Fadel, Staff, Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

Jenelle Feather, PhD Student, BCS

Joseph Ferreira, Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Maureen Finegan, M.P.H./UC Berkeley

Aria Finkelstein, PhD candidate, Urban Studies and Planning

Caitlin Fischer, 2018, Department of Physics

Peter Fisher, Professor and Head, Department of Physics

Tom Fisher, Human Resources

Nick Foran, 1st year Master of Science in Real Estate

Michael Foster, Staff, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Danny Fox, Anshen-Chomsky Professor in Language And Thought

Abigail Francis, Director of LBGTQ Services

Mara Freilich, Graduate Student, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Betar Gallant, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Catherine Gamon, Director of Student Life, Sloan School of Management

Rodrigo Garcia, Postdoc, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept.

Hannah Gaudet, Undergraduate

Rohit Gawande, 2019/MBA-MPA/15

Laura Genes, graduate student/first year, Art Culture and Technology/Architecture

Sophie Gershon, Sophomore, Computer Science

Malick Ghachem, Associate Professor, History

Edward Gibson, Professor, Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Lorna Gibson, Matoula S. Salapatas Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Nancy Gift, UX Designer, IS&T

Wendy Gilbert, Associate Professor of Biology

Aimee Gillespie, Staff, EAPS '13 / MIT Museum

Ezra Haber Glenn, Department of Urban Studies & Planning

Michelle Goffreda, Undergraduate, Economics

Alli Gofman, Library Staff

Mia Goldwasser, Alum, MCP, DUSP 2015

Jose Gomez, /2017 /Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Erhardt Graeff, PhD Student, MIT Media Lab

Erhardt Graeff, PhD Researcher, MIT Media Lab

Margaret Ann Gray, Senior Consultant for Leadership Development, HR

Laura Green, Professor, Department of English, Northeastern University

Margarita Ribas Groeger, Senior Lecturer, Global Studies and Languages

Marah Gubar, Associate Professor of Literature

Hairuo Guo, Undergraduate student, 2017/6-3 & CMS

Sar Haidar, Staff, Office of Digital Learning

Kit (Kimberley) Haines, Course 18

Kreg Hanning, Graduate Student, Media Lab, Lifelong Kindergarten

Inam Haque, Academic at UET Lahore-Pakistan

Benjamin Harpt, Physics, 2018

Barbara Harris, Community Resident

Sally Haslanger, Ford Professor of Philosophy, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Adam Hasz, DUSP Master of City Planning Student

Eboney Hearn, Executive Director, Office of Engineering Outreach Programs

Danielle Hecht, Undergraduate/2019 and Aero/Astro

Thomas Heldt, W.M. Keck Career Development Professor, Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

Stefan Helmreich, Professor, Anthropology

Marek Hempel, Graduate Student, EECS

Karina Hinojosa, 2020 Physics

Meital Hoffman, Undergraduate, 2020 Course 8/6

Nick Hoffman, 2018, Earth Science

Michael Holachek, Senior 6-2

Kara Holinski, 2019/Chemical-Biological Engineering

Lisa Horowitz, Librarian

Dorothy Hosler, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Amber Houghstow, S.B. MechE 2011

David Hsu, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Libby Hsu, Instructor and Education Coordinator, D-Lab

Eileen Hu, Undergraduate student, 2020

Scott Hughes, Professor, Department of Physics

Patricia Illingworth, Northeastern University, Research Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights, KSG

Ellie Immerman, Graduate student, HASTS

Leyla Isik, Postdoctoral Researcher, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Jean Jackson, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Riya Jagetia, Undergraduate, 2018 Computer Science Engineering

Marisa Morán Jahn, Lecturer, Art, Culture, Technology

Erica James, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Rafael Jaramillo, Toyota Career Development Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Jason Jay, Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management

Joel Jean, PhD 2017 EECS

Yuge Ji, Undergraduate,, 2018 Course 6/7

Alyce Johnson, Staff

Daria Johnson, Undergraduate Academic Administrator/ Literature

Caroline Jones, Professor, Architecture

Gwyndaf Jones, Staff, MIT D-Lab

Erja Kajosalo, Staff, Libraries

Gyunghoon Kang, Graduate student, Dept of Chemistry

Myungsun Kang, Ph.D. Candidate/ChemE

Nancy Kanwisher, Walter A Rosenblith Professor of Cognitive Science, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Michael Kates, Lecturer, Department of Political Science

Leonard Katz, Research Affiliate, Linguistics and Philosophy

Rhonda Kauffman, Bibliographic metadata associate, MIT Libraries

Melissa Kavlakli, Staff, HR

Jennifer Kay, Biological Engineering

Barbara Keller, Administrative Assistant Anthropology

Wyn Kelley, Senior Lecturer, Literature

R. Scott Kemp, Norman C. Rasmussen Associate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering 

Luisa Kenausis, Undergraduate student, 2017, Courses 22 and 17

Grace Kim, Graduate Student, HASTS

Yuliya Klochan, Undergraduate student, Political Science

Mary Knapp, Graduate Student, 5th year in Planetary Science (EAPS)

Thomas Kochan, Professor, Sloan School of Management

Laura Koller, Associate Director, MIT Sloan Action Learning

Rachel Kurchin, 3rd year DMSE

Georgia Lagoudas, PhD Candidate, Biological Engineering

Jamie Lahvic, Graduate Student, Harvard University

Julia Lanigan, MIT Libraries

Kent Larson, Faculty Member, City Science, MIT Media Lab

Meredith Lawrence, Communications and Alumni Coordinator, OEOP

Heather Lechtman, Professor of Archaeology & Ancient Technology, Materials Science & Engineering

Crystal Lee, PhD student, HASTS

Jia-Hui Lee, PhD Student, HASTS

Stephanie Lee, Graduate Student, Architecture

Becky Leifer, Research Associate/Biological Engineering

Julian Leland, Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering/MIT Media Lab

Deborah Lenares, Staff, MIT Libraries

Sofia Leung, Teaching & Learning Program Manager, Libraries

sabine levet, Senior Lecturer, Global Studies and Languages

Brandon Levy, Graduate Program in Science Writing (CMS/W) Class of 2017

Debra Levy, Coaching is Good

Roger Levy, Associate Professor, Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Skylar Lewis, Undergraduate

Grace Li, Mechanical Engineering

Tse Yang Lim, PhD student, System Dynamics group, Sloan School of Management

Peter Lindahl, Postdoc Associate, Research Lab of Electronics

Andrew Lippman, Andrew Lippman, Sr Scientist, Media Lab

Liz Looker, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Education, Sloan School of Management

Josue Lopez, Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Gayle Lutchen, Assistant Director for Administration, McGovern Institute for Brain Research

David Lyons, Professor of Philosophy, Boston University

Abigail Lytton-Jean, Technical Director of Nanotechnology Materials, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

Emily Mackevicius, PhD student, BCS

Clio Macrakis, Course 1, Class of 2018

Libby Mahaffy, Staff

Lisa Maloney, Administrative Assistant II

Matt Mandelkern, Graduate student in Linguistics and Philosophy

Melissa Mangino, Program Associate, MIT D-Lab

Jenifer Marshall, Staff, Sloan MBA Program Office

Chuck Martell, Filmmaker 

Alexa Martin, Undergraduate, 2019 Course 18 & 15-2

Mar Martin Perez, Postdoc, Harvard School of Public Health

Nergis Mavalvala, Professor of Physics

Megan May, PhD Candidate/ MIT-WHOI JP in Oceanography

Betty Lou McClanahan, Staff, Chemistry

Ceasar McDowell, Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Robert McKersie, Professor Emeritus, Sloan School of Management

Alena McNamara, Librarian for the School of Architecture + Planning

Emily McWilliams, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Daryush Mehta, Zoroastrian Chaplain at MIT, Zoroastrian Chaplain, MIT Board of Chaplains

Antonis Michael, Undergraduate student, Junior in Philosophy and Aerospace Engineering

Brandon Milardo, Staff, EAPS

Zachary Mineroff, Research Assistant, McGovern Institute for Brain Research

Charlotte Minsky, Undergraduate

Adam Mitchell, MBA 2017

Juliana Mitkiewicz, Research Affiliate & PhD Candidate, D-Lab

Ananya Mittal, Princeton 2020 student

Catherine Modica, Academic Administrator, Physics

Pooya Molavi, PhD Candidate, Department of Economics

Devan Monroe, Program Coordinator, Office of Minority Education

Nick Montfort, Comparative Media Studies and Writing

Patrick Moran, PhD candidate, Department of Physics

Rebecca Morrison, Postdoc, AeroAstro

Deborah Muehlebach, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Lucas Mueller, Graduate Student, HASTS

Kate Mytty, Instructor, D-Lab & Director, MIT CREATE

Sade Nabahe, 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Molly Nagele, Undergraduate, 19 Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Ananya Nandy, Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering, 2019

Alyssa Napier, Course Developer, DUSP

Emily Neill, Program Manager, Women's and Gender Studies

Shiba Nemat-Nasser, Staff, OpenCourseWare

Curt Newton, Site curator, OpenCourseWare / Startup team, ClimateX

Curt Newton, Site curator & publication manager, OCW; startup team, ClimateX

Hien Nguyen, Staff, RLE

Trinh Nguyen, Senior/course 20

Nolan O'Brien, Undergraduate/Junior, Physics

Brian O'Conaill, Staff

Wayne O'Neil, Professor of Linguistics

Rodrigo Ochigame, PhD student, HASTS

Danielle Olson, 1st year Ph.D. Student in EECS / CSAIL

David Oran, Research Affiliate

Monica Orta, Assistant Director, Diversity & Student Support, Media Lab

Steven Ostrow, Lecturer, History

Julio Oyola, LBGTQ Services

Akshay Padmanabha, EECS Senior

Akshay Padmanabha, Undergraduate student

Thea Paneth, Staff

German Parada, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

Serena Parekh, Faculty, Northeastern University

Rachel Parus, 2018 Nuclear Science and Engineering undergrad

Matej Pec, Assistant Professor, EAPS

Matisse Peppet, 2020 Mathematics

Matisse Peppet, 2020 Mathematics

Jaime Peraire, Professor Aeronautics and Astronautics

Emanuel Perez, Undergraduate student

Collin Perkinson, PhD Student, Department of Chemistry, MIT

Ruth Perry, Ann Fetter Friedlaender Professor of Humanities

David Pesetsky, Ferrari P. Ward Professor and Head, Linguistics & Philosophy

Milo Phillips-Brown, Graduate student, Linguistics and Philosophy

Julian Picard, Graduate Student, Physics

Ken Pierce, Staff

Roberta Pittore, Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management

Jeremy Poindexter, PhD Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Eli Pollock, PhD student, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Lindsey Powell, Postdoctoral Associate, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Amy Beth Prager, Alumna, Advanced Study Program Diploma '13

Fahad Punjwani, Graduate Student, IDM

Tracy Purinton, Director, MIT Leadership Center

Haleemah Qureshi, Master's Student, MCP/DUSP/SAP

Balakrishnan Rajagopal, Associate Professor of Law and Development, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Alicia Raun, Managing Director, MISTI MIT-Spain, Portugal, UK Programs

Jeff Ravel, Professor and Head, History

S. Zo´ Redstone-Rothstein, Undergraduate, Computer Science and Engineering

Abigail Regitsky, PhD Candidate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Meghan Reisenauer, Undergraduate, 2019, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Margery Resnick, Assoc . Prof. of Literature

Jeff Rhoades, Technical Associate; Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Valerie Richmond, Class of 2019, Department of EECS

Sasha Rickard, Undergraduate student, Computer science and political science

Eric Riehl, Undergraduate, AeroAstro

Meagan Riley, Staff, ODL

Christine Riordan, Graduate Student, Institute for Work and Employment Research, Sloan School of Management

Rose Robb, 2017 Math Major

Caroline Robertson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Mareena Robinson Snowden, 6th year doctoral candidate, MIT NSE

Juan Rocha, Postdoc

Rachel Romeo, PhD Candidate in Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology

Paul Roquet, Assistant Professor, Global Studies and Languages

Ben Rosen-Filardo, Junior, Course 1

Jeffrey Rosenblum, PhD Candidate, MIT Mobility Lab

Kali Rosendo, Course 1 2017

Leo Rosenstein, Research Coordinator, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Candace Ross, 2nd Year PhD, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Daniel Rothenberg, Postdoc, EAPS / IDSS

Natalie Rusk, Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

Said Saillant, PhD candidate, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy

Anjum Saleemi, Former Visiting Scientist, Linguistics and Philosophy

Rebecca Saxe, Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Tamar Schapiro, Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy

Robin Scheffler, Assistant Professor, Program in Science, Technology, and Society

Naomi Scheman, Professor Emerita, Philosophy, University of Minnesota

Gina Schouten, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University

Laura Schulz, Class of 1943 Career Development Professor of Cognitive Science

Prerna Sekhri, Graduate Student, 15/ ESD

Beth Semel, PhD student, HASTS

Kieran Setiya, Professor of Philosophy

Henry Shackleton, Junior, Philosophy/Physics

Enrique Shadah, Staff

Anushka Shah, Staff, Research - Center for Civic Media

Dipa Shah, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning

Gary Shea, Research Technician, Chemical Engineering

Zoe Sheinkopf, 2017, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Gayle Sherman, MIT Press

Yichen Shi, Graduate Student, Physics Department, Harvard University

Shirin Shivaei, Undergraduate, class of 2017, EECS

Richard Shyduroff, instructor, mit edgerton ctr; founder & director, the mit e-club

Jules Rochielle Sievert, Creative Director, NuLawLab

David Singer, Associate Professor of Political Science

Chris Smith, Doctoral Candidate, DUSP

Stephanie Smith, Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Tanya Smith, 2020, courses 9 and 6

Elena Sobrino, PhD Student, Doctoral Program in History; Anthropology; and Science, Technology, and Society

Lucas Sousa, SPURS fellow 2016/2017 DUSP

Jonars Spielberg, PhD student, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Gigliola Staffilani, Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor, Department of Mathematics

Justin Steil, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Donca Steriade, Class-of-1941 Professor of Linguistics

John Sterman, Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

Shohini Stout, Undergraduate 2020, 18C

Flora Su, First-year SM-PhD student, Course 1 - Environmental Engineering

Geoffrey Supran, Post Doctoral Associate, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society, MIT; and Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of History of Science, Harvard University

Jeremy Surla Vargas, Program Director at the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition

Dan Sweeney, Research Scientist/D-Lab

Joseph Swerdlin, Master of Architecture Student, Department of Architecture

Nina Sylvanus, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Northeastern University

Ivan Sysoev, 2nd year PhD student at Media Lab

Alison Takemura, Dr / 2015 Microbiology / EECS staff

Stephen Tapscott, Professor, Literature

Jonathan Tarleton, MCP1 DUSP

Cem Tasan, Thomas B. King Career Development Professor of Metallurgy, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Matt Taylor, Software Developer, Lifelong Kindergarten (MIT Media Lab)

T.L. Taylor, Professor, CMS/W

Yanisa Techagumthorn, 2018, Department of Urban Studies and Planning and Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Max Tegmark, Professor of Physics

David Theurel, 4th year Physics grad student

Stephanie Toews Moeling, Administrative Officer, SSRC

Michael Toler, Staff

Colin Topper Carew, PI, Media Lab

Leon Trilling, Professor Emeritus, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Irmak Turan, PhD student, Building Technology, Dept of Architecture

Shelly Upton, Manager of Educational Technology, MITx, Office of Digital Learning

Aiyedun Uzamere, 2020 / Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Anuhya Vajapeyajula, Junior/2018 and 6-2

Joha Van Osten, Education Associate, The Network/La Red

Robby Vasen, Junior, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Willy Vasquez, Graduate Student, Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative

Faye-Marie Vassel, PhD Candidate, Biology

George Verghese, Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, EECS

Eric Verploegen, D-Lab

Sarah Vick, MBA Candidate 2017, Sloan School of Management

Suhas Vijaykumar, Course 18, class of 2016

Soroush Vosoughi, Postdoctoral Associate

Suzanne Wallen, Staff, MIT Libraries

Christine Walley, Professor of Anthropology

Tina Wang, Undergraduate, Course 2a

Victor Wang, Undergraduate, Course 18

Tobie Weiner, Staff, Undergrad Admin Political Science

Patricia-Maria Weinmann, Assistant Coordinator, Radius at MIT/The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT

Jennifer Weisman, Academic Administrator, Chemistry

Ivan Werning, Robert M. Solow Professor of Economics

Theresa Werth, Program Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering

Daly Wettermark, Undergraduate, 2019, Mechanical Engineering

Deborah Widener, Staff

Jaclyn Wilson, Staff, MIT Libraries

Paul Wolff, Office of Sustainability

Sophie Wong, Staff, IS&T

Elizabeth Wood, Professor, History

Mindy Wu, Undergraduate, 2019, Course 3

Peng Wu, Postdoc, Department of Chemistry

Stephen Yablo, Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy

Megan Yamoah, Undergraduate, Class of 2020; Department of Physics

Julia Yan, Graduate Student, Operations Research Center

JoAnne Yates, Professor, Sloan School of Management

Tiffany Yeh, Undergraduate, 2017 Materials Science and Engineering

Julia Yelick, Tufts Sackler CMDB PhD Candidate / 4th year / Neuroscience Dept

Andromeda Yelton, Senior Software Engineer, MIT Libraries

Mike Yepes, Community Member

Madonna Yoder, Senior in EAPS

Michelle Yuan, Graduate student, Linguistics and Philosophy

Kevin Zhang, Graduate Student, Operations Research Center

Liang Zhou, Undergraduate, 6/9 2018

Anthony Zolnik, Staff, AeroAstro

Alisa Zomer, Staff, MIT GOV/LAB

Ethan Zuckerman, Associate Professor of the Practice, MIT Media Lab

Annelien Zweemer, Postdoc, BE

Ezequiel Zylberberg, Postdoctoral Associate at MIT's Industrial Performance Center